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Perfectly formed eyebrows, prominent lips and a seductive look is every woman’s dream. In addition to framing our face, properly shaped eyebrows accentuate the natural beauty of women. This technique that was developed from tattooing was known to the Egyptians. The most well-known ruler of Egypt, Cleopatra, believed that she could be irresistible only with permanent makeup. Recent centuries have brought back the technique of face drawing. Whether it comes to scars, the effects of chemotherapy, or androgenic alopecia, permanent makeup has become the ideal solution. We invite you to indulge yourself, with the expert hands of Adrianna Lushezy, and treat yourself to perfect brows, lips and eyelids! You will not be disappointed!

What is permanent makeup?

A permanent makeup treatment is one in which with the help of tiny needles pigments are injected into the upper layers of the skin, which makes the skin permanently pigmented. This procedure is similar to a biotattoo treatment, where colors are deposited under the skin, and it can be used to hide imperfections or highlight features. The results of permanent makeup are visible from one up to three years. When the color fades, pigmentation can be repeated. Before applying permanent makeup, a local anesthetic is used: a cream, gel or spray that lasts ten minutes up to an hour. The treatment can be uncomfortable, but thanks to anesthetics it is bearable. The pain of the procedure is comparable to hair removal by tweezers or cold wax. Permanent makeup is intended for those who want to cover up imperfections on their face (thinning eyebrows, undefined lips, thin eyelashes…) or to highlight some particular part, as well as persons who do not have enough time for regular makeup application. Additionally, people who need to look good at any time, do not want to have problems with smeared makeup, as well as sports people or older people who have shaky hands, and those who are allergic to regular makeup.


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